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Conditions of Purchase

We ship 1x a week.

Our shipment date is fully dependent on our watering date, which is dependent on whether the plants need water. Why? Because clivia roots are way too fragile the day of and the day after watering. They are easily broken. We ship 2 days after watering. This leaves the roots nice and wet, giving the plant a good week or more before they need watering again. This means if your plant gets lost in the mail it wont be dead. Well, at least from being dry in a box. I have shipped plants internationally and had them returned (30 days) and they have been ok because they have had nice damp roots at the start of their journey. Maybe this seems paranoid, but to us we would rather do as much as possible to guarantee your plants arrive safe than hope that they wont over-dry because we were sloppy. 


Plants must be shipped via Priority mail or higher. No first class mail. 

How we sell our Plants and Seeds.

We pull every plant at point of shipment and check the roots of the plant. If the plant is not healthy we refund that day. NOTHING leaves here that looks sick to us. We refund on shipping day and simply do not bother to ship it at all. Each seed is hand inspected, each plant is hand inspected. Once the plant is shipped we consider it to be fully healthy and we expect it to grow well in your home. If it does not its time to check The Learning Center. You may also contact us directly at Service@Cliviausa.com If doing so please make sure to send photos of the plant so we can help you figure out what went wrong. We have shipped all over the world and currently  have a 90% return customer rate because of these policies. Note all plants ship bare root.




Returns Policy

You are buying live plants and seeds. Please be sure to check all pictures and read the description of each plant carefully. All plants and seed are sold as is with no implied return or warranty. If we sold Ipods we would definitely allow returns but these are live material. It is up to you, the buyer, to treat them properly. Please PLEASE read all the information we make easily available to do so. 

If there is a problem with a U.S. Shipment, a plant gets frozen for instance, we shipped the wrong item, etc. we strive to keep our customers happy and will do all we can to resolve the problem. Please let us know about the problem within 48 hours of receipt.  Send us an email to Service@cliviausa.com and we will help right away. We cannot always provide a replacement, and will give a range of options to resolve the issue. (refund, store credit, Another plant or seed if available, A substitute cross, etc.)

Customs doing ANYTHING to your order does not qualify.

99.99% of people on the planet already know this but: You cannot cancel a presale order once made. 









We do not provide phytosanitary certificates. 


If you choose to buy plants from the website and are having them shipped to an international address, (Anywhere that is not the USA) You are GAMBLING WITH YOUR MONEY not ours. We will ship them, we will pack them as best we can, but if they die or are stopped at customs, that is your problem, not ours. There are NO REFUNDS  OR REPLACEMENTS for international shipments FOR ANY REASON. No other condition on this page applies. 


Clivia USA refuses to lie on customs documents.


We cannot provide import permits, you need to send yours to us.  


We have had good luck shipping to: most of Europe, Asia (We have shipped specifically to Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and China), Hungary and South Africa


We have had decent luck with:

England (1-2 freezing of plantlets shipped in a double thick styrofoam box with heat pack due to long shipping time) , many good shipments.



We have had bad luck shipping to:


Trinidad and Tobago. (2 ships 2 returns),

Australia (Australia has strict rules on the import of Plants. Just buy seeds. No problems there.) 

Eastern Bloc European Countries: We have had issues in Estonia (1 ship 1 loss) Poland (12 ship, 1 loss) 


We are perfectly willing to ship these, just understand that there is risk, and it is your risk.




We have shipped thousands of international seed orders.  International seed orders are subject to the vagaries of multiple postal services. 98% of them get to their destination. 2% do not. First class orders cannot be tracked. Again, this is the buyers risk, it is minimal. The best way to minimize the risk is to utilize a higher level shipping option. Since that is more expensive than the seeds most of the time we allow First Class as an option, but again you are choosing that at your risk. 




We can ship seed and plastic supplies to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations.


Note that the USPS is no longer tracking First Class mail. If your package does not arrive the only thing the buyer or we can do is be patient and wait.



All Plants Ship Bare Root.

Have we mentioned all plants ship Bare root and once they are shipped there is no return or warranty? Please note that. Please be careful in unpacking your plant and please follow the directions in Clivia Care and Culture You can break off roots or break off leaves fairly easily while unpacking. The loss of even 20% of the roots should be ok. The outer leaves are connected at the base and can be broken while unpacking, be careful while unpacking not to break the base of the leaf off the stem.

We will ship seedlings and seedling mix anywhere in the USA. We will ship them worldwide HOWEVER we do not Provide Phytosanitary Certificates or guarantee worldwide shipments against loss or destruction or issues with customs AT ALL. Also note all shipping addresses must be sent in English. We are unable to replicate or ship with addresses in Cyrrilic, Taiwanese, Japanese, Etc. The US Post Office needs an english address.

We will only ship on Monday and Tuesday of the week, the reason for this is to keep your package from being held an extra day in a shipping terminal on Sunday. This saves plants from freezing/frying in the mail. We pack with moist towels in the summer months and heat packs in the winter months to avoid damage to the plants, However the best protection is a smooth quick shipment :). Once we get into December we will begin adding a $2.50 handling charge for a heat pack to protect your order from freezing. You may ask for a heat pack at any time before December as long as you pay the shipping charges. We do sometimes make exceptions in spring/fall months.

When you place an order, we will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and the shipping options you choose.

Please also note that the shipping rates for most items we sell are weight-based. The weight of any such item can be found on its detail page. To reflect the policies of the shipping companies we use, all weights will be rounded up to the next full pound. Larger plants can end up needing larger boxes, and thus end up in a larger weight class per USPS guidelines.



We accept all Major Credit Cards. We do not accept Checks, Money Orders, Or Paypal.