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Ridiculously White Light of Buddha Clivia Plant

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Product Description

This plant is something Special. So much so that as you can see, its SKU says "Home" As in, its in mine. 


This is me showing you something really neat, offering you a chance to buy it, but if you do not do so I will be just as happy to be honest. Its priced to be mine. If you value it over me then it is yours :)


So, What is this? I am calling it a Light of Buddha. It came in with our Light of Buddha Order. But let's talk about LOB characteristics for a moment. 


One of the supposed main differences between a LOB and an Akebono is the COLOR of the white area. Akebonos are supposed to be whiter. Well, as it happens, I am fixing our Variegates page and pulled out 2 of our Akebonos to take photos of as examples. This plant is just as white as they are. 


This plant is so white that if it were not for the dirt on the leaves (Which by the way I cannot get off without damaging the plant, so it will have that on it when it ships) I probably would not have been able to get a clean photo of the side shown in the first picture. That was attempt #5. Even the slightest light blows it out and it looks pure white in a photo. This was the first time I was happy to be shooting on such a dinghy grey day. 


This plant puts on a show so I couldn't stop photographing it. There are photos of every leaf. 


I believe this plant is one of 2 things. Its either A: An akebono/LOB hybrid. Or B: An almost albino LOB that has just enough chlorophyll to survive. Either way it's probably one of a kind. You will NOT get a more white plant than this one that will actually live. To be honest when it first showed up on our doorstep I took one look and thought to myself "So pretty, So Dead". But it fooled me. Its hasn't needed even a single extra day to stabilize, and its already growing new leaves. 


Flower color will probably be orange, perhaps into the pastels. 


We happen to think these would make excellent gifts, and we have put in the option to have these sent potted to someone. Its a little expensive but please remember your getting a pot, Mix, and we need to specially wrap each plant so that it survives shipping this way. I will also wrap the pots in green Florist foil so they are prettier than their normal plastic block look. I am foil wrapping and cleaning the leaves as well but that is 90% for protection. 





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