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(Ndwede Msubo Nguni X Green Girl) X (Hattori X Alida) Clivia Seedling Plant,

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  • Hattori X Alida
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Our first list this year came from Lionel Bester and Boy did he deliver! 


You are probably wondering why this particular Hirao cross is so exciting. It all comes down to the pollen parent. 


I happen to know a pretty decent amount about all 3 parents here. This pod cross takes a habitat very white plant and a Very green throated yellow, crosses them, and makes this pale cream green throat. This was bred by Val Thurston. 


On the pollen side we have what I believe is a Hattori Blushed Yellow. This plant is something Sean Chubb introduced to South Africa a while back and it was so striking that it became my desktop background for the next 3 years. Alida pinky Pastel from Bertie Guillaume breeding that has been used a bunch of times in the breeding of pinks. Its excellent breeding stock and many really pretty surprises have come out of it. 


So, that is how the pollen parent ended up being a blushed pastel. Made absolutely perfect sense based on the parentage. 


Taking that to a regular Hirao might have washed out all the color in my personal opinion. But this selfed, quite white hirao? There's a pretty good chance we see the green enhanced without losing some of the wonderful subtleties of the blush here. 


As of 8-14-20 these 3-4 leaf seedlings were 10-12" Tall


As Always, We remind you that these are CROSSES. Not CLONES.  Seed breeding is like people breeding. If you have a parent with blue eyes and a parent with brown eyes, there's no guarantee you are getting a blue eyed kid. It all depends on the background genetics of the parents. We try to buy crosses that make sense to us, and that we think will create good flowers/plants. We buy from breeders we trust, and who understand these facts, and breed in ways that work. That reduces the risk of getting something orange. That does not remove that risk. As always the risk is lowest with like to like and selfed crosses but even with a selfed cross sometimes you get a surprise. 


These 2-3 leaf seedlings are 8-12 inches tall as of 2-26-20

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