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Longwood Fireworks X Longwood Fireworks Clivia Seed

  • The seeds are from the parent in front (Pod) and the pollen  is from the one behind it.
  • Fireworks at Longwood Gardens
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Clivia USA is excited to offer C. miniata ‘Longwood Fireworks’—a rare and stunning plant from the breeding program of the world-renowned Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.


‘Longwood Fireworks’ is the 2nd release from the Longwood Gardens breeding program after ‘Longwood Debutante’. It’s an extremely well regarded plant in the clivia world. Since 2011, C. miniata ‘Longwood Fireworks’ was awarded eleven first place ribbons, two second place ribbons, two third place ribbons, four Best in Division Awards, and two Best in Category awards by the North American Clivia Society.


‘Longwood Fireworks’ boasts a burst of yellow flowers above the foliage in a large 9-inch umbel creating an impressive floral display. The flowers are a soft yellow.  The name ‘Fireworks’ alludes to the shape of the large flowers, and the presentation of the rounded umbel with tepals that are reflexed with protruding stamens, resembling fireworks exploding in the sky.


Longwood Gardens  is an excellent partner for Clivia USA because they hold a lot of the same values. As our buyers know, we highly value methodical scientific breeding.  In Fireworks we get to see the results of multi generational breeding on Yellows coming from the original Sir John Thoroun. Clivias as everyone knows take a very long time to breed, 5 years per generation, and often the original intent of the breeder is lost when they die or retire, which is often what happens well before their plants get to be well known in the industry. Longwood Gardens had, in Dr. Robert Armstrong, one of the Premier plant geneticists in the USA working for over 40 years, and he worked on Sir John Thoroun Yellow Genetics for 23 of those. There are no better Group 1 yellow lines in existence today, and I can think of no other place that has or even could faithfully continue the work of their line’s progenitor. Longwood is one of the only homes to the scientific method working with Clivia. There are no better or higher regarded yellows in the world than the ones being bred at there.  Purchasing these clivia help continue those studies.


You are buying seeds from these plants. 

It’s very rare to be able to give our buyers information on each generation of the cross back to the original plants, and we are thrilled to be able to share that information with you:


Clivia miniata ‘Longwood Fireworks’, was selected in 1998 as a superior plant, and resulted from a cross by Dr. Robert Armstrong, between a yellow flowered plant, donated to Longwood by Sir John Thouron, and a plant crossed in 1992. The 1992 parent resulted from a sibling cross by Armstrong in 1980. Parents of the sibling cross were a tall orange flowered Clivia and a Clivia that was in Pierre du Pont’s original collection when he occupied Longwood Gardens.  The plant was named and registered with The Clivia Society Clivia Register in 2011.[1]


We are also able to give you an official description of the entire plant here:


Plant Details: 
Plant is medium sized (61-85cm tall). Leaves 61-86cm long and 45-58mm wide, dark olive green (RHS Fan 3 Yellow green group 147A, Clivia Colour Chart II swatch 10/91). Scapes 41-54cm long. Umbels 24-27cm wide, 15-25 flowers. Flowers 8.5-10cm wide, 6-7cm long, reflexed. Pedicels 3.5-5cm long. Tepals overlapping from the base, obovate; outer tepals have acute tip;inner tepals have a rounded tip; tepal margins are entire, slightly revolute; inner tepals 26-30mm and outer tepals 22-24mm; inner surface of tepals transitions from RHS yellow orange group 16C (Clivia Colour Chart II swatch 7/65) along midrib to RHS yellow orange group 16D (Clivia Colour Chart II swatch 8/74) along the margin; outer surface transitions from RHS yellow group 14D (Clivia Colour Chart II swatch 7/66) along the midrib to RHS yellow group 13D (Clivia Colour Chart II swatch 7/62) along the margin.  Nomenclatural standard as a dried specimen deposited in the Longwood Gardens herbarium (KEN).


Please note: These are all adult size, flowered, plants.


Learn more about the Longwood Gardens Clivia Breeding Program and more about the Gardens at: www.longwoodgardens.org



[1] Paragraph is an excerpt from July 2015 HortScience article: http://hortsci.ashspublications.org/content/50/7/1092.extract

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