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Large Deeproot Clivia Pots! 5 X 8 inches

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Product Description

(If you are looking for a pot for our 1 leaf seedlings, you want to buy the small size)


The purchase price is per pot.If you have been suffering from:

  • Browining leaf tips (and are not fertilizing overly much)
  • Crown rot
  • root rot
  • bursting roots
  • drying leaves

These pots + a good fast draining soil mix will do the trick for you. These are the fastest draining pots we have found to date, and they are solidly built as stated below right here in the USA

We thought we would share something with our customers. You may have noticed that for the most part we get straight, long, STRONG tap roots, often over 5" long while still at the single root stage. Clivia are interesting plants, they like to be pot bound, yet they also like to dive deep into the ground with their roots if they can. AND if the roots hit standing water they will rot very quickly.

Generally once the roots grow all the way through our small pots, peek out the bottom and start waving hello, we know its time for a transplant.

So, We started looking for our "Next Pot" quite a while ago, and tried a lot of different sized square and round pots. 6" rounds, 1 gallon rounds, 12" Squares, 8" squares, these, 4" X 10" squares, etc.  Finally we decided to bite the bullet and actually do a two month test on each of our choices, and put the best choice up on our website for sale.

Not suprisingly, the same forumula we used for the smaller pots, Thin and Tall, won the day. We have found that clivia like to be potbound and these continue doing that while giving the roots plenty of downward space to grow. Giving them to much room to fast tends to be a bad formula, and we found that to be the case with the wider/deeper 6X12s.

We are now choosing to utilize a new 5x8 size. The 4x10 requires a very coarse medium to thrive and while testing mediums we found the 5x8s to be more forgiving of wet media. Pictures shown are the 4x10 testing.

These are superb for anyone who, say, has way to many plants taking up huge amounts of space in their home and has a spouse or loved one who might possibly be giving them the hairy eyeball *Cough*. These will reduce the footprint of your clivia collection tremendously over normal 6" rounds or 1 gallon "Nursery" style pots, AND will last the plant through to around 15 leaves if not more. Basically these are good until the plant is specimen size. We reduced our footprint by 35% with these.

We are including 3 pictures here, The product with a fairly large plant planted within, a product closeup, and actually a picture of our smaller pot and this pot each one month after transplant (actually taken for our own purposes, thus not the most "Product friendly" picture.) Perhaps you can see the newer growth as it is whiter than the older growth, its a bit tough to make out.

We like this size and company for a few reasons. For one they are made right here in the USA which when we can we like to encourage, and 2, that steep taper and wider base means that you can put a fairly large plant into these without fear of them tipping over. Look at the picture where I have put the largest plant on the edge of an upside down plate.

Anyhow, we highly reccomend these for anyone who wants to grow strong, healthy, clivia plants

Note: we used to provide a screen base for these. We are discontinuing that practice. Screening can be bought at any hardware store, its just window screening.

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