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BARRY'S SPECIAL SAUCE Organic Fertilizer, Trace Elements and Growth Concentrate

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  • 16 and 32 oz bottle shape. Labeling is basically the same.
  • These were grown with sauce, 20/20/20 and water. We did 3 control pots and 3 sauced pots. In each case the results were the same.
  • This control was grown with 20/20/20 and water only.
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Product Description

Note this product now comes in 3 different sizes! The 16 and 32 oz sizes come bottled as shown in the 2nd photo. Labeling is about the same for all sizes. Thats just a stock photo of the jug we use. We figured square would be easier to store in larger sizes. 

This is a pretty long description we know. But its also pretty important to understand what your doing when you making or using something like this.

Anyone can "boost" a plant. The correct way to accomplish boosting is using the correct ingredients and obtaining the proper results.

When we created this we wanted something that would strengthen the plant more than anything else. What we mean by that is a vigorous root system, strong leaves with better turbidity, plants that could withstand a bit more crowding, plants that could take overwatering better because they could quickly replace their root systems etc...not a plant that will turn to mush at the slightest amount of stress.

Overfertilized over enhanced plants die easily.  Thats a disaster for a commercial entity that sells not only an enhancer but also the plants themselves. Selling just fertilizer? I suppose that you can make something that makes plants grow like gangbusters and then dies instead of hardening off. For us thats not the way to go.


We often get asked "What do you use on your clivia to get them to grow stronger"? And, Honestly, our answer has usually been "Stuff". Why? Because we really didnt want to tell anyone. There are very few trade secrets in growing plants. How to grow them strong and fast is definitely the most important one. We freely give away the general methods, because we believe everyone should be able to enjoy the hobby! But when it comes down to growing a plant to adult, and being able to cut a year or so off of that growth time...thats a secret.

No More!



Barry's Special Sauce!

This 8oz bottle of concentrate contains every single special trace element, vitamin, and growth enhancer we use ourselves. This will take the place of any trace element product, Root enhancer, Leaf enhancer, Superthrive, etc that you currently purchase...because everything that actually works or might be missing from your soil is already in the little blue bottle.

For instance if you have been buying Kelp extract...well...90% of kelp extracts on the market are either powdered, sold in meal form, or in a liquid form but cold processed. In each of these cases the actual amount of Fertilizer that the plants recieve is extremely minimal. On top of that the actual release of the beneficial micronutrients and Caretenoids takes 1-4 MONTHS.  We enzimatically process ours. Because they are already in a form the plants can use, this causes immediate release of the micronutrients. On top of that, because ours are liquid form, you can and should foliar spray this product, which will allow instant transferrance into the leaves for the growth of your plants.

Barry's Special Sauce targets not only the leaves but also the roots of both plants and seeds/seedlings. Its primary use is to speed growth in any plant,  not only Clivia. Because it is a "Whole Plant" Solution you will not end up with a giant leaf and no roots, or 5 roots and no leaves.  Just watch those seedlings take off!

Noted,  everything a seed needs to grow is actually in the seed until the seed drops off, however we have found that by using this early in development the growth rate is quite a bit faster than with just water.


Fertilizer Value: 4-6-2

What's in the bottle: "Good Stuff"


Contains no pesticides or Fungicides. Totally non-toxic but I bet it tastes terrible.

Good for any plant including:

Vegetable Plants including tomatoes etc.



Clivias (obviously)



Streps and African Violets

Fruit trees

other house plants

Your "Bad Neighbors" crab grass if you really really hate them.


Works on both soft leaf plants and woody varietals. Woody plants see strong root growth and bushier leaf growth.

We hope you like it as much as we do.

Product Videos

Barry's Special Sauce.instructions on general use and mineral deficiencies (06:14)
This is a rough video on use instructions for our product Barry's Special Sauce. File corruption issue caused me to need to dub in sound with a much better microphone in places. The sauce will cure any issues a plant has with a nutrient or micronutrient such as Calcium, Magnesium, Cobalt, Iron, etc. It includes at least the amount needed per dose. Along with being a trace element balancer the sauce also works as a growth regulator and enhancer. The sauce will cure Leaf yellowing if that yellowing is due to a nutrient deficiency like in the tomatoes we show in the example, Tomato Blossom Rot, also a Calcium Deficiency, It has all micro-nutrients so will cure pretty much any "Leaf Yellowing" problem that is not caused by fungus or sunburn. It also includes a large number of Cartenoids, which is normal for any industry mixture that includes Seaweed, however we also add in a corresponding mixture of Gibberellins to stop plants from getting too "Leggy". The mixture took about 3 years of blind tests with a control plot to perfect, and we still work on it every batch. We are considering increasing the recommended dosage to 2tbsp per gallon. 1 Tbsp per gallon is the absolute minimum number with which the plants responded. Longterm tests were done with Clivia Miniata, and short term tests were done yearly on various vegetables. Tomatoes have been used a few times, usually we use Peas. (Because even if we have 30lbs of peas I will eat them!) We have also tested it on Roses and Hibiscus. Works best on non woody plants but does have an effect on those as well in overall growth.
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    This is a rough video on use instructions for our product Barr...

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