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How to plant Clivia you receive from Cliviausa.com

OK! First things First! When you recieve a plant and its still somewhat cold outside there might be a cloth bag with some stuff in it in the package. That is a heat pack. It is not plant food. It is not dirt. It is not edible. Its a Heat Pack. Throw it out. Do not use it for some other purpose. By the time it gets to you it will be cold and hard. That is normal.

Generally Clivia like a deep root pot.

Seedlings: Unwrap your seedling from whatever packaging it came in.

Check the roots and leaves for breakage or dead roots. Trim the broken leaf if any by simply cutting with a scissors. (I like to round out the edges.)  Remove any soft roots and apply a fungicide to the area where the root (s) originated.

We suggest growing seedlings out to a larger size before planting outdoors. once grown plant in 80% shase with no direct sunlight.

Usie a pot at least 5 1/2 inches deep and 2-3 inches wide.

Use a potting mix that includes bark/coconut chips, sponge rock, hygrotten or sphagnum and/or charcoal. Our mix includes the necessary ingredients. We like 50% bark, 15-25% of the sponge rock and other choices. If you take a plant that has been growing in a bark mix and plant it into a soil mix you are pretty much guaranteeing root loss within a week or 2, so please use a fast draining mix.

Next fill the pot partially so that the plant's roots still fit in the pot.

Holding the plant over the pot fill the pot up to the top and make sure the plant is at the same level as the top of the mix. When you do this spead the roots out a bit. You do not want to fill so that the crown of the plant is buried too far under the soil. Make sure you haven't covered over any leaves.

I like to shake the potting mix down by tapping the pot on to a hard surface as I go along. This action helps the plant remain firmly anchored to the soil.

If you have grown seedlings from  seed wait until the seedling is at least 2 inches tall before you transplant.


Larger seedlings and bigger plants:

We can't tell you exactly what size pot you need.

Dependant on root size make sure you have a pot at least 2" deeper than the roots.

Check out the roots and remove any soft/dead ones and apply a fungicide like Captan to the base of the removed root(s)

Using either our potting mix or something like it, fill the pot 2-3 inches with your mix. Then hold the plant in the pot with one hand and either use your hand or any implement to distribute the mix around the roots. Tamp occassionally and fill the pot up to about 1/2 to 1 inch above the roots making sure not to cover any leaves.

Tamp the pot again. Also if the plant feels wobbly uuse a few stakes to hold it in place until it feels firm in the soil ( may take 1-3 months) Make sure all roots are covered.

If the plant doesn't feel right, take it out empty tthe pot back to 2-3 inches of mix and do it all over again.  And don't feel bad, it happens to all of us!

Do not water for 1 week then follow our watering and culture instructions.

Enjoy your plant.