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The leaves of my plant are turning a light green and browning out

Simple problem! Everyone does it do not beat yourself up over it, and your plant will come back if you caught it at the "light green" stage.

There are 2 reasons for this:

1: Your plant is in to high a light.

Clivia like 80% shade. This is what makes them such great housplants. Move your plant out of the sun and they will be fine :)

2: You have a mineral deficiency

Clivias like neutral soils. Overly Acid soils will lead to a low managnese amount even with your fertilization. Overly Alkaline Soils will result in a iron deficiency. In both cases a nice trace element supplent to your watering should do the trick.


But before you add anything else besides moving into a more shaded area,. water only for a month to flush out any harmful salts. Your plant can easily live without fertilizer or any other minmeral additives for 30 days.