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Prepare ripe clivia pods and remove the seed.

What you will need:

  1. A bowl of water.
  2. Normal household 3% hydrogen peroxide
  3. a clean knife (we use a knife with a decent edge, not a razor blade here)
  4. some paper towels
  5. a good flat surface

Enjoy the video. Unfortunately our editing skills are not strong enough to add lazer cats or Jeff Goldblum being chased by dinosaurs. Information clear and easy to follow? We are good at that :)

We use the same fungicide here as for our sowing instructions, Captan. You can follow the first part of those instructions after cleaning the seed. One thing not mentioned is that sometimes it is hard to remove all the pulp while they are wet and you will have a bit left over when dried, simply peel it off, make sure there is NO pulp or peel left on the seeds when done, as this is where fungal spores can live.

Now you can either pack away your seed or sow it. If you need to hold your seeds for a period of time before sowing, then the next step is refrigeration.

Refrigerating seeds (NOT FREEZING) is very simple. The less air you have in the bag, the longer the seeds will be viable. Some South African breeders will vacuum pack their seed and supposedly that seed is good for a full year from when it was packed. We havent tried this personally.

We use a fairly simple and straightforward method. We take the seed once dried (once you have soaked them in fungicide dry them again) and we put them in a ziplock bag. Make sure you label your bags! We like to make a plant tag up with indelible marker or our label maker. Sometimes seed will cause some condensate in the bag, and a simple piece of paper can end up being blurred. Especially if you havent managed to get all the air out.

Now, take the seed and roll out any air that is left in the bag. get rid of as much as possible. We have kept seed for ourselves in this manner for 6+ months, however we feel the seed stays at peak ripeness in this way for 3-4 months.

Enjoy your new seeds! Hope your plant gave you something special!