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My Plant has Dark Brown, Raised, Spots on the leaves.

This is a fungus known as Rust. There are many fungicides that will get rid of Rust. Here are a few:

  1. Zerotol
  2. Captan
  3. Mancozeb
  4. Triforine

Use as directed. Spray once a week for a month.

Once sprayed, do not expect the spots to just dissapear. Watch the spotting and make sure it does not continue to spread. If it does, respray, if it still does, change chemicals and try again. If your collection is outdoors Try a systemic like Triforine.

Organic Controls

Rust does not like good ventilation. Put the plants with rust outdoors, in shade, somewhere that gets a good breeze. OR just put a fan over the plants (IN QUARANTINE ONLY! DONT MOVE THE SPORES TO YOUR HEALTHY PLANTS)

Another Possibility is Scale. We personally havent seen Scale on Clivias, however if you do encounter them just follow these instructions.