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My Leaves turned a weird Orange/Yellow color

My leaf tips turned this wierd bright yellow/orange color and then turned brown. This slowly has been continuing down the leaf.

This can be a sign of malnutrition in your plant. What you need to find is a good trace element supplement to your current watering regime. Most good fertilizers have a decent amount of trace elements for a clivia in them already but sometimes you just plain miss one. It can even be due to how a plant has been handled to be shipped to you! Many overseas sellers will use flowers of sulfur to prevent disease when shipping a plant. Although plants "eat" sulfate, they cannot convert sulfur directly to sulfate themselves. A supplement like Cal-Mag will take care of this and most other deficiencies (Iron, Calcium) for you. Epsom salts supposedly can also be used in the case of the sulfer issue but we have not personally done so.


This can ALSO be caused by to much sunlight. Clivia cannot take direct sunlight very well. this section covers how to handle this.