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Fixes for problem plants.

That my friend is a pretty open ended question, and we are going to try to give comprehensive answers here for you. In all cases this is how WE handle these problems. It may not be the best or only way to do so. We generally do not utilize organic methods, mostly because it is nearly impossible without a few greenhouses dedicated specifically to quarantine to do so. Chemical methods allow us less quarantine space (A couple of our "Chemical Methods" are safer than organics). If I know of an organic method to fix the problem, I will give it and my opinion on its chance for success. (in development)

My Plant/Seedling:

1: Flopped over and is soft at the base of the leaf

2: has browning leaf tips

3: has turned a strange yellow color

4: I put the plant outside and it turned a very light green and now is turning brown

5: Has this...Cottony stuff on it (Mealy Bugs)

6: has dark brown/red/green spots on it, (can be big or small)

7: Was doing great and all of a sudden started turning yellow/brown and dying back at a rapid rate

8: Same as above and the whole core has become mushy starting in the center of the plant or around a cut or scratch the plant recieved when I was doing X

9: Gee that first one sounded like my problem but my plant is soft all over, like mush.

10: I went to repot my plant and it has no roots! What do I Do!