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Should you need to contact a member of our staff for any reason, please use the messaging system built into the site that you can get to via your order :)


A little something about us:

Clivia USA is owned and operated by Barry Gilman and his son Jon. Barry has been raising plants since he first realized he could tote dirt in his red Radio Flyer wagon at the age of 5, 60 odd years ago.

We currently have a few thousand plants in our personal collection, ranging from Clivia to Orchids, to Streptocarpus, Amaryllis and Hibiscus. Nothing has captured our imagination like the Clivia. Its attractive leaves, its wonderful blooms, its tolerance of new owners and the gifts it gives its Propagator's

..what can we say, we have been bitten, and bitten HARD by the Clivia Bug.

A Customer Recently stated, and I agree, that Clivia should come with a surgeon general's warning about their extreme addictiveness. Well, Here is ours:

WARNING! The Very first time a clivia blooms in your home that you have grown up from a seed or seedling and it has a soccer ball to basketball sized head of flowers, you will be hooked, the Clivia Bug will have bitten, and there is no cure.

No Worries though, We will always be here to help feed your addiction, at least until you read in the newspaper about those 2 crazy guys in New England who smothered themselves trying to grow clivia in their beds.

Thanks Very Much for your visit and I hope you enjoy our website as much as we enjoy our customers.

Oh hey, one last thing. Please allow us to email you marketing emails. We do so very sparingly and usually only if theres a significant sale going on. We use the same list for the monthly newsletter. We don't share that list with anyone else at all. Many of those articles are not available elsewhere on the site or on facebook ;)