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Clivia as Shade Plants

Clivia in nature live in sun dappled shade, under the trees in their native South Africa.

They like 80% shade, That makes them an excellent houseplant, as they do not require the same amount of light as most other houseplants.

Their Evergreen foliage is very attractive, usually a dark green, or variegated in many patterns.

 The Chinese have developed multiple patterns of green leaf as well, many with dimpling like that of a golf ball, some with bright "golden" leaves, etc. One could probably decorate a home with 10 Clivia, each one could look quite differently-wide leaves, short leaves, thin Leaves (strap), Variegated leaves, etc.

This makes clivia the Interior Designer's dream plant. They generally require a single weekly watering, they LIKE low light, and when they bloom, well...they put on quite the show. Take a tour around the website at some of the flowering pictures.

In Zone 8-10, Clivia make excellent landscape additions. Plant them in shaded places like under trees or anywhere else there is shade and watch them shine.

For advice on how exactly to plant your new clivia, check out This Guide

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