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My Clivia Flowers on a short Stalk or does not Flower at all, How can I Fix that?

Clivias under 14 leaves are most likely too small to flower. It takes around 3-5 years from seedling to grow a clivia to full size. 14 leaves is the number of leaves the plant grew in its life, not the number it currently has, so if you pull off a leaf you have not stopped the plant from flowering.


Clivia prefer to have a cold period in winter. Put your clivia in a cool dry place over the winter, somewhere near 40-50 degrees and only water it slightly when really dry.. Once spring "springs" bring it back to your normal place and it should hopefully bloom. This often helps with "stuck" or short scapes. If it still blooms short, consider giving your plant a silicone supplement. Only do this with plants that continually bloom short as most plants wont require this and its somewhat expensive. Some chinese plants will bloom short due to genetics no matter what you do.


This information is also on the clivia care page and it might be a good idea to give that one a read as well :)


Happy Growing!