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Frequently Asked Website Questions

We get emails about certain things quite a bit, here are the answers:


1: What is this hard thing in my box?

It is a heat pack. Please just throw it away. Yes its cold. It did its job.


2: How much does it cost to ship X thing to Y?

You can find out the shipping costs by making up an order and going into the checkout. Easy peasy! You can get a shipping estimate prior to purchase.


3: Do you have X plant that isnt on the website?

If we have it and feel its large enough or healthy enough to sell its on the site. We wont sell anything we dont feel will thrive in your home, so the answer is no to this question even if there is one here.


4: I want to buy X. Send me an invoice.

The website has a very easy order system. Please make your order through the site.


5: I want to use a check / I hate paypal with the burning passion of 1000 suns and dont want to use them.

We use the paypal gateway or our merchant gateway only. We tried taking checks and holding plants, however because our inventory is not automatically adjusted by the site under those conditions it caused us a lot of issues. We have our own credit card gateway, its actually our preferred choice for you to use. No need to use paypal. 


6: Im going to be close to you, can I come visit?

I wish we were set up so that people could see us but right now we are not. We are set up for internet sales only, with the plants in very tight quarters. Hopefully as you great people keep buying we will be able to expand into a retail space which will allow us to display the plants and bring people through on tour. This would also allow us to expand into some of the other plants Barry grows (answering the question I saw X picture of Barry's Streptocarpus, African Violet, Etc Etc can we get one...not yet but hopefully someday)


7: I have a plant I did not buy from you and I want all the details on how to take care of it.

We have a LOT of information on the learning center, and 99% of the people who ask this are not customers AND did not read the learning center. We know this because usually the answer is right there. We will answer your question if you preface it with:

I read the learning center and I dont see an answer to:

We think thats fair. If you cannot be bothered to read the myriad of free information we give out or to support our website with sales, we wont respond individually anymore.

Bought from us? We will help with what shampoo to use on your dog, a recipe for elephant stew, questions that are right on the website, anything. You are a precious customer. You get and deserve special treatment :) 

Obviously need further help after reading the site? Sure.