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We have decided to only send our subscribers ACTUAL NEWS from the website, meaning that we are hopefully keeping spam to a bare minimum for our lovely subscribers and customers.


First Piece of News!

Our trial period is over and our reccomended larger clivia pot size is up on the website. For those of you bitten hard by that Clivia Bug like ourselves, these pots will reduce your footprint by quite a lot, allowing you room for more plants!


Second Piece of News!

We have heard from CliviaMart and Hilton, amongst others. Both are beginning to ship our seed orders. We are revising the arrival time for those brands to JUNE. We might see all our breeders come in earlier than expected! 

Once these seeds come in, we will be listing a large number of new items! We have only listed seeds coming in from our "like a clock" breeders from past  years. As new breeders become available I will be sending out a news item to give our wonderful subscribers first choice!


News item #3:

Anyone waiting to see the first of the HILTON SEEDLINGS to stabilize from our hilton order of last Febuary, please check out our EBAY AUCTIONS as they will be listed there. We are bringing them out slowly.


Thanks for subscribing and Please remember to email us at service@CliviaUSA.com if you need advice or have any questions.